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New features for Anyecard administrator:
  • Card icon file can be uploaded manually, without using the auto icon maker.
  • Category configurations can be saved to a named template file. Categories are able to use not only the template file of top category , but also a template file of an arbitrary category. Switching among different templates is very easy. You get a totally different presentation of your pages with a single click.
  • Layout of pages can be changed as well. The anyecard package includes build-in layout templates. Choose your favorite one by selecting only one configuration.
  • Add "Favorite cards" section. You can enable or disable this section by setting a configuration. Favorite cards are either preset by administrator or dynamically obtained from sent card log file.
  • Add "Clean up sent cards" function to clean up sent cards through web interface.

Key features for AnyEcard users:

  • The uploaded images are automatically scaled to an optimal size.
  • Able to send the same card to multiple recipients at once, with card title and memo customizable individually .
  • Sender will receive confirmation e-mail when recipient picks up the card
  • Users can personalize the card by choosing card background color, page background, stamp
  • Ecards are organized in unlimited levels of categories and sub categories

See it in action at

Key features for AnyEcard administrator:

All functions are accessed using browser only interface

  • Add, hide or delete categories
  • Configure category page, such as header. footer, style, etc.
  • Configure card page appearance
  • Add one card of a batch of cards, uploaded image files are automatically scaled, and thumbnails created.
  • Modify cards, including changing description and image.
  • Modify category attributes, including category icon, description.
  • Add a card from existing cards to another category.
  • Delist a card from a category, or permanently delete a card.
  • View logs of sent cards.

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