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The demo version of powerRPC is availabe for download 
It has the following limitations:

  • An interface can contain no more than six RPC fucntions.
  • The Linux version supports up to 12 RPC functions in an interface.

PowerRPC V1.1 demo versions

New: PowerRPC for Solaris 9 Sparc 64 bit, Linux AMD64, Linux i686

SunOS 4 Solaris 2.5 Sparc
Solaris 2.7 i386 HP-UX
Linux-elf IRIX5.3
Windows 2003 XP 2K 2K Server NT and Windows 95/98

Samples and documentation can also be dowloaded.

To unpack the *.tgz.bin files, please first rename it to (or save as) *.tgz, then use gunzip to uncompress it, and use tar to untar it.Please read the installation guide for instructions.

Platforms supported

  • PowerRPC binaries are currently available for several UNIX platforms, including SunOS4, Solaris 2.5, HP-UX, IRIX  and Linux (ELF), as well as WIN32 platforms including Windows XP/2003/2K/NT/95/98 .  For UNIX platforms that there are no compiled binaries, we can supply the source code for both the powerRPC compiler and library, if distribution licenses are purchased. The powerRPC generated source code is identical across all UNIX platforms, all the platform dependent problems have been encapsulated in the powerRPC runtime library.
  • ONC RPCGen is available for Windows XP/2003/2K/NT/95/98. To write Win32 clients communicating with existing UNIX RPC server, you need this product.

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