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Conditions for using the RPC.Net (C#) demo toolkit

The Netbula RPC.Net is a port of Netbula ONC RPC to .NET in C#. The CSRPCGEN.exe compiler generates ONC RPC code in C# from .x files.

You can download and evaluate the toolkit for 30 days.

The toolkit contains trade secrets of and materials copyrighted by Netbula LLC. You must NOT deassemble or decompile any of the compiled components such as orpc.jar and jrpcgen.exe, or otherwise reverse engineer them . You may not redistribute the toolkit to anyone without Netbula's written permission. All software contained in the demo will expire after a fixed date.


  • Netbula RPC.Net Development License: allows you to use the toolkit to develop RPC applications for .NET in C#. 
  • RPC.Net Limited Client Distribution License: allows you to distribute the netbula.ORPC package (orpc.dll) to client machines.
  • RPC.Net Server Deployment License, allows you to deploy netbula.ORPC package on servers.
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