RPC Vendor Netbula Releases PowerRPC and ONC RPC for Windows x64, delivering ultra performance for distributed enterprise applications
08/30/05 12:00 PM

SAN FRANCISCO, /PRNewswire/ -- Netbula LLC, a software company specialized in RPC development and Internet tools, announced that it had released its widely adopted PowerRPC and Netbula ONC RPC SDK for the latest Windows x64 operating environments, including Microsoft Windows Server 2003 for AMD64 and Windows XP x64.

Netbula is a global leader in RPC development tools; its flagship products include the PowerRPC cross platform client/server development toolkit for UNIX, Windows NT/2000/CE/XP/2003, Pocket PC and Java(tm). Netbula RPC is used by many well-known US and international companies and government agencies in demanding network applications, including defense, financial, healthcare, storage, telecom and web services systems.

Built on top of industry standard ONC RPC, originally developed by Sun Microsystems, Netbula PowerRPC and Netbula ONC RPC for Microsoft Windows are development tools that enable programmers to write enterprise network applications with extreme performance, high reliability, cross-platform interoperability and little coding effort. These tools compile a C-like interface description into client and server stub code in C, C++ or Java(tm), and allow remote execution of functions. Netbula RPC is a simple, small, high performing and enterprise proven framework for demanding network and distributed applications.

The newly released Windows x64 edition of Netbula RPC SDKs were developed on the powerful AMD Opteron platform. By taking advantage of the high performance of the AMD64 Direct Connect Architecture, Netbula RPC achieved a staggering 25800 RPC calls per second on a single core Opteron server running Microsoft Windows x64. This result is almost 40% higher than previous results obtained under 32 bit x86 machines, and vastly surpasses other known RPC technologies, including those based on XML technology.

PowerRPC has already been ported to 64 bit versions of Solaris and Linux for AMD64. With AMD64's built-in NX bit protection, Netbula RPC applications attain additional security against buffer overflow attacks. The latest addition of Netbula RPC for Microsoft Windows x64 demonstrated Netbula's conitinuing commitment in supplying the most powerful RPC technologies for the enterprise computing market.

More information about Netbula RPC for Windows x64 is posted on Netbula's web site at http://netbula.com/.  

Aug 30, 2005