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PowerSearch is a fast and powerful search engine that can index multiple sites and automatically refresh the index with scheduled intervals.


  • AND/OR searchs, wildcards
  • Multiple sites and multiple search databases
  • Create compact databases
  • Automatic rescanning of sites with configurable refresh interval

What is different about PowerSearch?

PowerSearch can schedule different refresh time for different sites or different parts of the same site. For example, you can configure it to scan the news URL more frequently than the others.

Installation guide

    1. Unpack You will find a folder named PowerSearch/. There is a file named tsearch.cgi under it, this is the main script.
    2. FTP the PowerSearch folder and all its sub folders to your WEB server, change its permission to make it writable by CGI user. E.g., On UNIX, chmod 777 PowerSearch
    3. Edit the tsearch.cgi script
      • If needed, change the first line #!/usr/bin/perl to reflect the location of perl on the web server.
      • Set the $fBbA::master_cfg_dir to the full path of the PowerSearch directory. For example:
        $fBbA::master_cfg_dir ="C:/MyStuff/PowerSearch";
      • Set the $fBbA::fix_cgi_url to the URL of the tsearch.cgi script For example:
    4. Upload the tsearch.cgi to your CGI-BIN and make it executable.
    5. Access the tsearch.cgi via browser and follow the on screen instructions
      1) Create admin account
      2) Login admin panel
      3) Setup URLs to scan and refresh time, build the index
      4) Copy search box form HTML to your home page.

You can try PowerSearch out for 30 days, if you want to keep using it, you need to purchase a license.

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